Divine Styler

Divine Styler

Wordpower2: Directrix

Mo’ Wax

The Left Coast’s own “Jimi Hendrix of hip-hop,” Divine Styler, has been a dark, omnipresent force in urban music since he released his incredibly abstract and psychedelic classic Wordpower in 1989. This long awaited album, Wordpower2: Directrix, has been due for release since April of ’98, and is more than worth the wait. This album really brings out Divine Styler’s abstracted, futuristic, approach to hip-hop that has made him stand apart from the rest of the rap world.

This 18 track, multi-styled album is about as complex as it gets. Divine Styler’s rhymes are on point, and as dark and spaced-out as ever. His renewed faith in the Muslim religion is apparent throughout the album, with songs like “The Unseen Letter,” “Before Mecca,” “Hajji,” and “Directrix.” While tracks like “The Grand Design” and “Time Fold 79” really shine in terms of production and atmosphere. A great album for forward thinking heads.


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