False Cathedrals


I must say, this band makes itself a tough act to follow. Previous releases have blown me away like no one’s business. The casual ability of this band to go from rock to melancholy has always left me amazed. It’s a good thing they have followed themselves up so incredibly well on False Cathedrals. On this new release, Elliot abandons the concept of “emo” or “____-core” and goes straight for rock. Rock anthems. Rock ballads. Rock songs. The opener, “Calm Americans,” is enough to keep this CD in my player for the next decade, easy. The piano intro is catchy and atmospheric and the moment the rhythm section comes in is dramatic, to say the least. The vocals are sung sometimes in a murmur, sometimes forcefully but always with a certain power. On the new CD, electronica has been added to the line-up of the band, though they have been doing it live for the last few years. Now the songs on the CD are adapted with layered nuances of sequencers and samples. The ambiguous, open-ended lyrics are present as well. A line like “….you’ve already Americanized your thoughts…” can be construed so many ways in a country full of murderers and violent criminals, don’t you think? Concepts come together over and over, making this CD one hell of a complete listen. This CD has atmosphere written all over it, but ROCK written bigger, enjoy.

Revelation Records, P.O. Box 5232, Huntington Beach, CA 92615; http://www.RevHQ.com

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