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5 Bucks

This is My Girlfriend EP

High Score

Summer Of ‘84 was their debut, and it sucked. It was a poor effort. Poor production, Xeroxed liner notes. The band was OK, but not great. I said they needed to get their shit together for their next release. Well, fortunately, they did. With this EP, their antics shine, and the production is better, thanks to Fork in Hand in-house producer Jon Lammi. “Mr. T Sprinkler” is redone here, and is much better, with a great A-Team trombone intro. The disc is all fun 80’s and girlfriend songs to a skacore beat. Their sound still needs to be beefed up a bit, but, overall, their style seems to work. I would say 5 Bucks are the ugly girl in the skacore scene; they are always around, and they will stop at nothing to be seen.

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