Ninja Tune

Equal parts Steve Reich minimalist tape manipulation and Afrika Bambaataa electro-funk, Hexstatic walk a strangely anachronistic line between mind-fucking pseudo-political ambling and body-rockin’ break-dance funk. Labelmates and ardent followers of breakbeat-heavy “found sound” recording artists Coldcut, Hexstatic find the inherently funky nature of everyday sounds and society’s metaphorical white noise; whether it be newscasters (“Deadly Media”), video games (“Bass Invader”), automobile purrs (“Auto”), or porn (“The Horn”), exposing the world’s innocuous minutiae as satire-ready pomp or dance-ready disco. This path should prove obvious to anyone who connects to the Internet daily and occasionally ponders why someone hasn’t made a song around the quasi-industrial syncopated side-step of modem fuzz (a service provided surprisingly tactfully by the track “Communication Break-down”). In addition to slippery skipping samples and digital deluge, Hexstatic often sputters with the intricate rhythm programming of Photek or the mainstream big beat thump of Lo-Fidelity Allstars, sounding like a less browbeating Negativland (or a less smirky Steinski and Mass Media) hooked on organized chaos and some funky poppin’-and-lockin’ old-school friction.

Ninja Tune, 1751 Richardson, Suite 4501, Montreal, Quebec H3K1G6 CANADA; http://www.ninjatune.net

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