In the Raven’s Shadow

Red Stream

Amongst the coolest of the newer generation black metal groups, and I’ll tell you why. First, they slip in plenty of that sublime Norweigian folk influence and the effect is mind melting. I don’t know dick about folk music from way over there, but when this guy sings like he’s doing circles around trees in the deep woods. he sounds to these western ears like an American Indian. Secondly, the band puts together some of the finest “atmospheric” tracks this side of a World Serpent project. And they treat ’em as more than just song intros. It’s no surprise one of these cats is putting out an entire disc of the stuff on the side. My one complaint: blasting “The Voice of Blood” after lulling me into a womb of warmth and serenity with “Dream Walker.” Not funny, guys, and I mean it.

Red Stream, P.O. Box 342, Camp Hill, PA 17001

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