Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros

Muerte del Toro


Twelve refreshing interludes of vocal-free lunacy. Overall, Huevos Rancheros could pass as your average vastly superior instrumental surf trio. They play tight, they play clean, but most importantly, they have a sense of humor. Mind you, a sense of humor is difficult to express (and appreciate) when you can’t use words, but tracks like “Bring Me the Beard of Billy Gibbons” and “El Toro Muerto Con Queso” speak (ahem) for themselves. “Super Creep” tosses in some beach blanket dance organ in between the drag racing guitar. Huevos Rancheros also can’t seem to keep from referencing the very finest riffs, from the Kinks to Link Wray to Focus’ “Hocus Pocus.” Super cool.

Mint Records, P.O. Box 3613, Main Post Office, Vancouver, BC V6B 3Y6

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