People Like Us Should Be Stopped

Hearts Of Palm

Idaho Music

With two entire Idaho CDs here, it’s time to get some sunlight. See the light before I begin to listen, ’cause these guys can bring me down. In the best way, though… music to listen to when you’re feeling like a thunderstorm. People Like Us… is a live CD, recorded pretty much straight off the mixing board, except for a couple of songs which were recorded directly from the audience. Most songs seem to be from 1993’s Year After Year, at least the ones that I recognize. It’s not the best sound, but with the deepness of Jeff Martin’s voice and the anguish implied in the guitar work, you can almost feel it becoming more real than something from the recording studio. A beautiful rendition of “God’s Green Earth,” even though it makes you feel like you are standing at the back of a large room. The liner notes by guitarist John Berry make for some interesting reading, as well.

The studio CD, Hearts Of Palm, is a completely different incarnation of Idaho than the live CD, though still as heart wrenching, Jeff Martin still filling the space with narcotic vocals and that guitar that slides smooth into your skin. He also takes on the bass and drums and everything else, except for some drum tracks laid down by Joey Waronker. Dan Seta takes over the guitars that fall blanket-like over the songs, fading in and out and through you. Slightly more upbeat than Low, more atmosphere than Codeine, but with the same heaviness. It feels like the shadows you get on every sun-filled day. Winter music for rainy people.

Idaho Music, P.O. Box 2509,, Los Angeles, CA 90078;

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