Lady J

Lady J

Music for the Soul

X-It Rite

Despite a good voice and some fairly interesting songs, the production on Lady J’s album Music for the Soul ultimately sinks the whole project. Generally in terms of record production less is more. This is most certainly true of low budget indie releases as the more stripped down the sound the more emphasis is placed on the songs. The sound on Music for the Soul seems entirely based on the cheesier elements of late Seventies A.M. radio. Lots of overdubs and now laughable synth effects that really weren’t cool when they were popular, dominate the album. The effect is some sort of low rent Captain and Tennille project. What’s worse is the mix is lousy, allowing the various element of the mix to sound like separate pieces. Lady J needs to simplify her recorded sound because there are some good songs and a pretty voice buried under the muck.

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