Longwave is a four-piece from New York City that attempts to capture some of the sonic adventure and underlying paranoia of Radiohead. Imitating those alt-rock innovators is not in itself a bad thing and in service of good, interesting songs, it can produce intriguing results. That’s certainly the case on “Escape,” the nicely building opening track. “Ending” incorporates a “found sound” clip at the start and a very Radiohead-like guitar riff. And singer Steve Schlitz even attempts some of Thom Yorke’s vocal dexterity on “Best Kept Secret.” But “Something” shows the band doesn’t quite have the lyrical depth of Radiohead.

The band, who produced and engineered the record themselves, do bring exciting shifts in sound and arrangement to these Endsongs. And if the band is a bit lacking in a unique personality to call their own, they’ve certainly hitched their wagon to a worthy horse.

LunaSea Records, 171 Ludlow St., New York, NY 10002

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