Loyal Frisby

Loyal Frisby

The Escape


When I heard Loyal Frisby (their lead singer’s name is actually “Loyal Frisbie”) play live recently, I thought they sounded like a slightly artier, more indie R.E.M. I’ll stick with that description for this CD. Maybe throw in some Pavement or Cake, as well. Guitar-based pop from this Gainesville band (that’s had more membership and name changes than even the bands I’ve been in) with quirky lyrics that don’t necessarily make sense from a linear standpoint, somewhat more arty than my personal preferences, but not to the point of being pretentious. Very nice vocals, simple direct instrumentation, and the occasional low-key organ part make this a very enjoyable record.

Velvet Records, PO Box 902, Gainesville, FL 32602, http://www.loyalfrisby.com

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