Marc Cary

Marc Cary

Rhodes Ahead Vol. 1


The Rhodes piano legacy can be traced all the way back to W.W.II, when Henry Rhodes created the Rhodes Piano Corporation. Fifteen years later, Leo Fender added his name and brought the world the Fender Rhodes. Its fate was to be sealed when great musicians like Duke Ellington, Ray Charles, Horace Silver, and Davis managed to tickle its fancy! The Rhodes name sold yet again to CBS, and in 1970, they ushered in the 88-note stage piano with a tremendous cast of players that ranged from Herbie Hancock and Joe Zawinul to Stevie Wonder and Chick Corea. The eighties saw the Rhodes trademark go east, Far East. Roland, a Japanese keyboard company, fought off countless attempts and court cases by Rhodes, who franticly yearned for it back. Finally in 1997, Harold realized his dream and reacquired the Rhodes trademark and the legacy was again restored. Harold now understands that some dreams can come true twice and that pianos suck if no one knows how to play them. Keep on teaching Harold. Obviously, Marc Cary is ecstatic about the Rhodes and certainly capable of mastering its intoxicating sounds. Rhodes Ahead suggests that keyboards are more than mere accompaniment, but rather full of real energy and fluidity, and quite capable of being the centerpiece if forged by the right soul. All pieces here are original and intended to showcase the Rhodes Spirit. A little drum and bass, a little jazz, a whole lot of class! Excellent!

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