North Of America

North Of America

These Songs are Cursed


An intro of electronic experimentation from these Canadians, that slides right into an extremely healthy dose of slightly dissonant indie rock. Somewhere in the same area as Polvo, but perhaps angrier. Pulling in a bit of Pavement nasal twang on the vocals at times, and perhaps more sonic influences from bands on the emo edge. Still, they manage to pull all their influences together in a very solid (and still dissonant) sound. Broken up once in awhile with a little delving into an almost My Bloody Valentine drone that’s still covered with a vocal nod of the hat to Mr. Malkmus, and also the occasional short instrumental sound noise bursts. Canada rocks.

Matlock Records, 1858 Auclair Blvd., Sainte-Foy, QC G2G 1R7 Canada;

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