P.P. Roy

P.P. Roy

You Can’t Help Liking…


More madness from Aphex Twin’s Rephlex camp. P.P. Roy (person or congolmerate, take your pick) mixes samples, chikawah-funk and electronic mung into a savory stew of sleazy eeriness. “In at the Beep End” and “Pleasure Circuits” both sound like telephones conspiring against you. “Like, Wow!!” is like, wow. P.P. Roy scores heavily in the emerging genre of pornotronica, with a slant that’s even more bizarre than that. Hot, sweaty and unsettling, like having sex in a stalled elevator.

Rephlex, P.O. Box 2676, London, UK N11 1AZ; http://www.rephlex.com

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