The Lainmeyers are PERSONS

Blackbean + Placenta

Persons sound like they’ve been stuck in a dressing room since the ’80s, emerging to play their synth-rock-pop to an uncomprehending 21st century audience. “Idealists Dead” sounds more like Joe Jackson than Joe himself (at least lately). “A Reference to the Sirens” reminds me of Split Enz, and a bit of the Police, and maybe some Jam. What is going on here? “Easter Vest” is the Pixies and Giant Sand jamming in the living room. For all the Eighties touchpoints, Persons don’t come off as being dated at all — unless you consider schizophrenic pop with well-placed keyboards to be dated.

Blackbean + Placenta, 14847 Septo St., Mission Hills, CA 91345

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