Runaways UK

Runaways UK



Scratch and swing. Layers of samples and mixed grooves reaching from old blues to synthesized specks of the future. Solid beats and well-placed effects. A nice mix of instrumental and vocal tracks, the rap is smooth and spoken well, the instruments kick into hip jazz grooves. It’s not something you’ll see kids spinning on their backs too, but if you just want to kick back on the front porch, or cruise down the highway with the windows open and the music loud, this might be just the thing. Well-produced without sounding too slick, there’s a rough edge that makes it real, and the sounds keep shifting at just the right times. Throw in some classical vibes, and some rock riffs, keep it cool, and feel the style.

360 Records, 1388 Haight St., P.O. Box 60, San Francisco, CA 94117

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