New Strategies are Necessary, This is Not Solid Ground

Silver Girl

This trio pushes out a solid mix of shifting dynamics and angst. Perhaps heading towards that post-hardcore world, but the guitars and the melodics make the sound a bit more garage, a bit more alternative… or what was alternative back when Nirvana had only put out one album. So maybe a touch of old-school grunge, a handful of tricks that might have been figured out while listening to the Archers of Loaf, and a whole lot of style that is their own. The drums catch you off guard and the guitar laughs, but the songs make it all okay. When they go down, into the slowness, the drone and repetition is almost hypnotizing, the vocals lull and wave. Then they come back guitar full force. Storm-wind warning. This music is such wonderful weather.

Silver Girl Records, P.O. Box 161024, San Diego, CA 92176

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