5 Minute Walk

Some hip and slightly tripped-out Christian grooves slipping through the stereo here, but the music is entertaining enough to keep the message as part of the song instead of becoming too preachy. Kind of hip-hop at times, kind of jazz at times, kind of strange-trumpet country-twang mixing in at times. A couple of appearances from Black Heart Procession’s Pall Jenkins on the saw (and a wind machine) and Steve Ball on violin. There are other guests who fill out the sonic roster, but the names aren’t familiar to me (Jason Crane? Anyone?). Some mellow, almost-spoken-word grooves, and some sound weirdness with rap patter keeping it together that reminds me of some highway to heaven that begins somewhere between the Beatnigs and Air. It’s not all that twisted, though, and when it’s straightforward, it’s pretty straight. It even rocks at times, but they’re at their best when they get all nice and funky.

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