The Davenports

The Davenports

Speaking of the Davenports

Mother West

A minor quirk-pop classic, Speaking of the Davenports is laden with catchy hooks and fantastic harmonies over fuzzy guitars, bass, and drums, with accentuating strings and keyboards interspersed. The songs quickly worm their way into your head, and take up permanent residence before you realize it. Shining little tracks like “Heather’s A Genius” and “I’ll Come Down” are tasty pop confections, made all the sweeter by singer Scott Klass’ pleasantly high voice and those yummy, rich harmonies. Catchy and clever lyrical twists like “I’m an object in the mirror/and I’m closer than I appear” make songs like “Object in the Mirror” all the more irresistible. “Dog Run” has a nice country twang to it that sets it apart, while “You’re On Your Own” is a lush, string-laden ballad, and “All Hands on Her Advances” features gorgeous interplay between acoustic and electric guitars against the perfect accent of a chiming xylophone. All in all, a pretty and addictive record sure to please any fan that recognizes the difference between pop music and what gets played on the radio these days.

Mother West Records, 132 West 26th Street, New York, NY ;

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