The Frantics

The Frantics

Meet The Frantics


My exposure to Christian rock is limited, at best, but of those who I’ve listened to, few have left an impression. With the exception of the grossly overlooked prog-metal act King’s X, most have seemed heavy handed and uninspiring. The Frantics could make me a convert – to the music, at least. The young band from Kentucky has released a formidable collection of tracks that draw inspiration from late ’70s/early ’80s power pop. “Top 40” would fit nicely on an early Cheap Trick album. Other highlights include “Not With a Bang,” which is a Foo Fighters-esque track, but maybe with less muscle. It’s hard to ignore the strong possibility that “What’s Up With Your Homie” is a direct rip off from Weezer’s lyric “What’s with your homie dissin’ my girl” from “Buddy Holly.” Small misgivings aside, Meet The Frantics is a competent power-pop/punk outing. One of the nicest things is that the album isn’t used as a soapbox for the band’s faith, something that would normally hinder a band’s chances for mainstream success.

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