The Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast

The Rush of Oncoming Traffic

Big Wheel Recreation

Ivory is the color you hear. Eighties synth-pop mixed in little, bite-sized handfuls with bright stars of guitar. Moving from sad and melodic to indie rock and faster. Vocals that mix with a sing shout and some back up chorus grooves against almost Unrest sounding guitar play. The pop shines, but the rock pulls through like that highway drive. Yeah, the rush of oncoming traffic, and sometimes the best place to see everything is when you are standing right in the headlights. There’s a funky groove that cuts in at times, making you just say, “yeah, love the bass”, and mellow ocean waves that take you away from the rest of the CD, like a short sonic break, but when it gets up to speed again, you’re right there with it.

Big Wheel Recreation, 325 Huntington Ave. #24, Boston, MA 02115;

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