The Rhythm Doctors

The Rhythm Doctors

Reggae Injection


I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes as I was hearing some really great sounds and looking at the liner notes to this disc. I was trying to figure out if the Rhythm Doctors were young guys and why TKO, of all labels, released this. It is a young band, yes, it is, and, yes, the punk masters TKO released it. This album is pure organ-driven reggae and ska instrumental songs. It has a Studio One sounding quality, and it’s very, very tight. It follows the same path as the Articles with it being all instrumental, yet the Rhythm Doctors take a less jazz and more reggae approach. If Booker T had done a reggae album, this is what it would have sounded like. Heavy reggae and rocksteady grooves regularly line up with percussion and organ as the lead. I can’t say enough about this band and CD. I hope we hear more great things from these guys.

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