The Slackers

The Slackers

Live At Ernesto’s


If you haven’t seen the Slackers live, you’ll know now, without a doubt, what you’re missing. This was recorded at a little cafe called Ernesto’s in Stitard, Netherlands, over a two-day period. They played two shows in a row and just did their thing, no gimmick except for the soulful, ska/reggae sound that is the Slackers. Many bands try to emulate their live sound on tape, and it just doesn’t work. With the Slackers, it does, because they have a serious, tight unit. Ernesto’s covers all three studio albums with all of the favorites, including “Pedophilia,” “Sarah,” “Run Away,” “I Still Love You,” and “Married Girl.” A very good reason for the Slackers to have done this is to show how they have matured when performing their older songs, seeing that they have been playing live for five years or so. When they do their songs live, they add little things, too, but I won’t tell you any more. You just have to go get this CD. You can’t go wrong. The only thing that may be a little annoying is Marq “Q-Maxx 420” Lyn’s banter between songs, but it ain’t no thing. The Slackers couldn’t have done this at a better time. With it being a live album and a greatest hits of sorts, it proves they are one of the best live bands around.

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