Into The New

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I first got wind of Vallejo back about two years ago when doing some concert photography for Brother Cane. At the time, the band had just relocated back to Austin, Texas from growing up in my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. I was knocked out by Vallejo back then, and when this newest offering from them landed in my hands this past week, I was more than excited to hear what was coming from them again. I haven’t been disappointed at all. From the first track, “Into The New” (the title track and first single to be released off of the August 22nd Epic Records CD), Vallejo jives with its Latin-influenced rock and roll sound that offers a clean and funky drive. If this little ditty doesn’t get your butt shakin’, nothing will! The bassline in this song alone will pump the emotions into overdrive; add in the scabrous, layered-over-the-top guitar with the sneering vocals, and this song will soon become a clear favorite.

Next up is “Over You,” the ultimate kiss-off song. “Over You” is my personal favorite on this CD, with its Primus-sounding pounding and the one lyric that speaks a thousand words: “I don’t wanna hear your lip anymore!” Latin music fans who have a craving for more of the Santana mood in their music will rave over “Someway,” with sweet classical guitar acoustics blended into the harmonies of the Vallejo brothers riding cooly along in the mix. Track 11, “El Matador,” brings out the Herb Alpert horns that the Vallejo Brothers started out with back in high school at the urgings of their father. You can almost smell the bull sweat of the bullfighting arena in this tune.

While this CD drips in Latin flavor and the culture the Vallejos have coursing through their blood, it will not disappoint any rock and roll fan, with a twist that Carlos Santana started way back when. I only hope we’re lucky enough to have Vallejo visit the Sunshine State while touring in support of this release this coming fall. This is one band who I have been waiting to see live in concert for more than two years now. Vallejo will be touring with Fuel this fall, so, hopefully, they will receive the attention with airplay and new fans catching on, and we’ll hear more and more of them on our radio stations across the nation. If not, then there’s something seriously amiss with the program directors in rock and alternative radio. Highly recommended CD for fans of Santana, the Chili Peppers and Primus. I love these guys!

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