Open Heart Surgery


A band I know little about, but an album I can’t stop playing. While Virginwool isn’t exactly the Stones or Zeppelin, they do offer a really fun array of songs with totally original lyrics. The first song and should be first single, “Nevermind Her Hips” is sweetly humble and jovial. In our world of pop princes and princesses, I absolutely don’t mean sugar sweet, but more so ebullient. It makes you feel awkward and hormonal in the best way possible, like the whole album was written on the eve of the last big party of the year. It’s fun and non-committal to a genre but yet one of those albums that make you want to decipher what exactly is going on behind the scenes. Better any day than bubble gum and yet it isn’t exactly pushing the knife across the table either. Open Heart Surgery seems to cover every human emotion, like many bands attempt to do with their records, the only difference is that Virginwool does it like they mean it.

Atlantic Records, 1290 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10014;

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