Sun as Night Light


Bursting out with a definite West Coast feel… that chaotic pop melodic dissonant indie rock beauty that can be found in bands like Mars Accelerator (who I think stands closest to Welcome in terms of use of sound and dynamic), 764-Hero, Modest Mouse, and even Carrisa’s Weird. Almost drunken staggered screams and rantings over a solid guitar noise and non stop drums, breaking into a swaggering distorted rave up, but they can twist all that noise into driving songs that don’t stop for red lights, sometimes conjuring up very blurred visions of some Pavement soundtracked flashback, and when they slow down, it’s almost hypnotic. A drone drive into the horizon, and when they hit, the screaming begins again. Carried by rhythms and melodics that seem to be inches from falling apart at any given moment straight into the sunset.

RXRemedy, P.O. Box 12339, Seattle, WA 98111

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