Kegelmaster 2000

Kegelmaster 2000

There’s the Torso Tiger, the HealthRider, and NordicTrack. All machines to tone and strengthen the muscles of the body and make us into the Greek Gods the creators and advertisers all believe we should be. Now, ladies (and gentlemen, if you so prefer!) there’s Kegelmaster 2000! To tone and strengthen those muscles that most of the world doesn’t even know you have! Those pesky kegels that never seem to get enough of a good workout and sadly, go forgotten until…you sneeze after giving birth! Or laugh or cough or wait too long to hit the potty when you simply have to go! Let’s not forget the added sexual benefits of toned kegels, either. If you’ve ever had the urge to latch onto that incredible man that does those delicious things to your G-spot and make him feel like he’ll never escape your “grip,” while whispering in an evil voice into his ear, “You’re not going anywhere, baby!” Well then, hop on over to the Kegelmaster 2000 website and order up one of these suckers. All joking aside, this is a great invention and gosh darn it, I’m even going to order one for myself! It beats the heck out of surgery and drugs to tighten up those needed kegels. Now, the real test comes in trying to find the right man to try the benefits of Kegelmaster 2000 out on! You’ll find testimonials and reasons why you need Kegelmaster on the site, as well as online ordering and telephones numbers to place orders offline. Hey guys, do you believe the things we women do to keep you all satisfied? Eighty bucks, just to keep it tight! Bow down and worship us, we do it all for you.

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