Monsters in My Tummy

Monsters in My Tummy

by Roman Dirge

Fans of Roman Dirge’s Lenore are already aware that Dirge is currently in negotiations to bring his cute little dead girl to life in a full-length animated feature film . Meanwhile, Dirge has collaborated with Z.Com to bring those of us with impatient souls an online animated version of Monsters in My Tummy, Dirge’s wistfully sad tale of the heart after an unexpected and therefore particularly crushing breakup.

Dirge’s distinctive black and white computer-enhanced style remarkably complements the “pop-up” feel of this intriguing project. Playful hurdy gurdy music gives this woeful journey a carnival-like feel, belying the struggle of Dirge’s sorrowfully monstrous characters Mr. Heart, Pain, Betrayal, and Sir Anger. Esteem and even Love make appearances, as they battle to the death in graphic detail in this quest for sanity and stability in a downward spiral of melancholy and grief-induced madness.

Do you have a similar story of heartbreak? Share your pain! Submit your poem to Z.Com. Mr. Dirge will then personally select and illustrate the chosen vignettes to become part of the permanent features on the site. If your pain is too personal to share, you can indulge in e-mail postcards and downloadable illustrated wallpaper featuring character images.

Z.Com is an “Internet entertainment studio” that also features a plethora of diverse material is available, such as original online films and animation, games, and live events.

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