But I Thought That Was Why She Left?

But I Thought That Was Why She Left?

You were an asshole to ask Anne and Ellen who is the man and who is the woman [April, 1999]! If they wanted men, why would they have each other? I’m glad they hung up on you — you deserved it.

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Julio Diaz responds: Congratulations, Mary. You’ve been taken by one of the most time-honored traditions around Ink 19 — our annual April Fool’s extravaganza of completely fabricated material. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we get to fool unsuspecting dupes year round! In this case, not only did no actual interview with Ellen and Anne take place, but the interviewer doesn’t even exist — he’s just a “dumb guy” character that one of our writers made up. As in only an idiot would ask something so blatantly offensive and stupid. We thought for sure that no one would fall for this one, but I guess P.T. Barnum was right about there being one born every minute… Sorry for the confusion, at any rate — but you know, the ever-reputable National Enquirer is reporting that this super-couple broke up because Anne did, indeed, want a man. And we all know that the Enquirer wouldn’t make things up, right?

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