Nazi Moms March Off!

“Privately-owned firearms are the teeth of the Constitution.” –U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt

“Mr. And Mrs. America, turn them in.” –Senator Diane Feinstein

Has it been nearly a year since “a million” deluded, misled, and dangerous “moms” marched on Washington to protest an American citizen’s right to keep and bear arms? (For the record: The second amendment, second of ten known as the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution, says, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” That is, an individual citizen of the United States may own a gun. Don’t believe me? It’s been the law of the land since 1791.) These “moms” marched on Washington, D.C. last Mothers Day to demand a virtual repeal of the second amendment (don’t believe me? Check out their Web site, http://www.millionmommarch.com) in order to reduce deaths by guns.


Or something like that. The most important issue of the 2000 US election(s) is gun control. As in: make sure there’s an Administration in power that will repeal the unconstitutional constraints on an American citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. But first, let’s look at the other issues of this election – just to be sure…

Is the “economy” of importance? Of course, it’s the economy, stupid, and the sitting president gets the credit for it, good or bad, regardless of the congressional make-up. (Republicans, who also make up most of the state governors, have mostly occupied Congress during the 1990s). But let’s think for a moment: what possibly could be done that would shake up the economy? How about doing something that would put people out of work and therefore they’d have no money to buy things?

The Democratic Party’s line, from what I heard during their convention, was that prior to 1993, American families were dirt poor, starving, uneducated and unable to pursue their happiness. This, of course, is an offensive lie, but so what? Most of “you” voters are too stupid to realize it. Yes, there was suffering in our land. It was rough back then, except, of course, for the white, rich, male Republicans, all of whom owned slaves, as late as 1992, right before Bill Clinton freed them.

This, even though it has been a Federal crime to discriminate concerning housing and employment against someone based on their race, color, creed, etc. for nearly forty years! These laws still haven’t been made laws (hunh?). And women do not get paid the same as men for the same work.

Right? I mean, that’s what the Democrats were saying at their recent convention.

Women do get equal pay compared to men, I dare anyone to prove me wrong – and once that’s proven, let me know how come the lawyers weren’t contacted first… It’s all a lie, lie, lie that there aren’t laws on the books regarding these issues. Does discrimination happen? I’m sure it does, but the discriminatee has legal recourse – remember, we don’t live in France: you’re innocent until proven guilty and the burden of proof is on the accuser. End of story, end of issue(s).

Listen, no intelligent American wants a nation of poor people. If everyone’s poor, no one will pay their credit card bills and then the “big corporations” won’t have any money because people aren’t buying things, if people take all their money out of the banks, the banks won’t have money to lend anyone, etc., etc. Raise the minimum wage? Sure, who cares?! But if you can’t feed a family on $5 an hour… well, maybe one day you’ll be asked a) how come that’s the best you can do, and b) how come you’re out there making babies when you can’t afford them? Then again, it takes a village to raise a kid, so it’s the Village’s responsibility to take care of you[sigma]

And starting January 20, 1993, the Village began taking care of everyone, right? Well, even though here have been school lunch – and breakfast – programs on the books for nearly thirty years and a variety of other programs out there for Americans somewhat down on their luck, no one knew about them because those evil Corporations (all run by Republicans) kept it all a secret. And we all know that Evil Corporations are currently in charge of the Village, and they do, in fact, want a nation of poor people. No, make that a world full of poor people… Hey, this is how things work according to Ralph Nader, the Man who could save America, right?

Are the corporations running things? Well, they are employing everyone, directly or indirectly, think about it. And having money seems to be a good thing, as blaze orange hair dye and the back-piece tattoos of Slipknot ain’t cheap, right? Hey, those hippie protestors at the conventions, the ne’er do well, honkey, brainwashed post-teens, despite the high SATs and wealthy parents, have NOTHING to offer the US. Get a job, you worthless heaps of unproductive garbage.

You think I’m worried about a million moms with too much time on their hands (why aren’t they at home cooking dinner?)? What about the Greens? Yikes! Is anyone really asking Nader what he stands for? How about for the abolishment of the US Senate, nationalization of US banks, and a bunch of other stuff that would change the USA into something that it shouldn’t be: a Parliamentary Socialist country ruled by a single party – that is: NO COMPROMISES. Hey, that’s what’s on the Green Party’s 2000 platform (don’t believe me? Check out these Web sites: http://www.gp.org/platform/gpp2000.html#I, and http://www.greenparty.org/Platform061100.html). Is this what Ralph “net worth of $3 million” Nader supports? One wonders. If you really want to test whether skateboarding will genuinely become a crime, imagine a country run by Greens… You think those very tough environmental laws – which have been on the Federal books since 1972 (NEPA, etc.) – bring down the houses of them that break them (provided they’re caught), try a country under the Green Swastika!

How about war? Aren’t you hippies worried about some crazy Republican getting us in a war – a war where young people die? Did the last eight years, with the deployment of US troops in more than 60 countries accompanied with genuine fighting – including the death of our soldiers – not count for anything? If I recall, the Cold War ended before 1993, right? So what’s up with bombing cities and people as late as – yesterday? Hello! Is anyone there? The foreign policy of the Donkey Party has been insane! When you’re the king, you make it your job to keep being the king, you don’t give it away! Someone silence Strobe Talbot!

Worried about not being able to abort a pregnancy? Is the legality of abortion in jeopardy with the Republicans at the helm? Let’s see, the current US Supreme Court, that is the court of Renquist, Scalia, O’Connor – and Clarence Thomas (who, though his skin color is African, is white as a snowshoe hare – at least according to the Rev. Jesse Jackson) – is heralded as the most “conservative” court since the Spanish Inquisition, this year struck down the Nebraska state law against partial-birth abortion. Did you miss that? Or were you too concerned over the outcome of Survivor to have paid attention?

Worried about education? According to the Democrats, only rich people are able to afford a good education in this country. That is, rich people like Bill Clinton and Al Gore – where did their kids go to school vs. where Jimmy Carter send Amy? From what I painfully understand, though, is that there’s something called a “Guaranteed Student Loan” program that’s been around for something like twenty-five years. Apparently – and you just know that the Republicans kept this knowledge from you, since they’ve been running everything since 1492 – a student can borrow money to pay for college. (That would be a public university, college, community college, etc.; not Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, Columbia, Stanford, etc.) But those wealthy Democrats, like Bill Clinton and Al Gore, didn’t know this program existed, as they sent their kids to schools that are so expensive the GSL wouldn’t buy so much as half a course. Again, inaccessibility to education is another lie. Education in the US, far from being a Federal issue, is not a problem. All that’s needed are willing students. And besides, if you think you need a college degree to make a million dollars in this country, let me introduce you to a few people who prove that one wrong…

So now that reality’s been safely put into check, let’s talk about the real issue at stake: your personal freedom. “Freedom” being defined as being able to lawfully defend yourself with lethal force, that is, with a privately owned gun that can’t be taken away from any law-abiding United States citizen.

That would be the gun that our most vocal elected officials (and not too few Nazi moms) want to take away from you. I may cast a vote for a winner this November, which will be a first for me since 1988[sigma] And you want to know something? I’m voting for the dude with Cheney on his ticket, because Dick Cheney has been an outspoken supporter of my right to own a gun, that’s why. Listen, all politicians are sleazy, every one of them. They all have ties to this “corporation” or that (wait until my book comes out!) – just like every single American who owns stock. They all have skeletons in their closets. Some of them even have public records of their behavior and their votes – imagine that (some people even look beyond the headlines, too). But I heard, with my own ears, right before the Republican convention, Dick Cheney say that he would not compromise on an American citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. So Bush gets my vote.

Did you know that private ownership of guns is banned in Washington, D.C.? (D.C. has a solid history of unconstitutional laws, including denying citizens a vote in Federal elections – as late as 1965!) That’s the capitol of the United States. It’s not the biggest city in the US, and as far as that goes, it’s not really that big a city in general. But it has the highest murder rate in the country! Not only that, but from what I am led to understand from The Washington Post, most, if not all, of these murders – which include suicides – are perpetrated by guns, mostly “cheap” handguns.

Since, owning a gun is illegal in DC, where do the guns come from? Ah! They come from states with “lax” gun laws, making it easy to purchase and thus transport to DC. That, or gun shows, where anyone can buy a gun, no questions asked, right? (Hey, it’s what a million moms say.)

The latter is another lie: there are NO gun show loopholes. In Florida, one of those “lax” states (which, in my opinion is a state with good gun laws – that is, few), required – before the Nazi Brady Act – instant background checks on buyers, AND – get this – a three-day waiting period before taking the gun home. I am an eyewitness to this…

Not that any of it did any good with respect to crime…

The state of Maryland has pretty oppressive gun laws. Virginia has ‘em, too. In fact, in Virginia, there is a law on the books that limits a citizen to purchase one gun in a thirty-day period. (Frankly, I’d buy twelve a year, but…). Both states have licensing/registration laws pertaining to handgun ownership. New York City goes even farther and requires that rifle and shotgun (i.e., “long guns”) owners be licensed. Did I mention that New York City has its share of high crime? Well, not since Mayor Guiliani took over (thank the Lord!), but…

Anyway, what the hell does supposed “easy access” to guns have to do with DC’s crime rate anyway? The problem is their criminals, not weapons. Start executing the criminals and leave law-abiding citizens alone.

And another thing, lay off Chuck Heston. Gosh darn it, the NRA is a CIVIL RIGHTS ORGANIZATION. I’ve heard them, of all people, referred to as “fascists.” How can that be? Can anyone explain to me how on earth an organization dedicated to preserving an individual citizen’s right to own a firearm is fascist? yes? I’m waiting… Just because someone has an authoritarian tone or a strong opinion or is not afraid to speak their minds, they’re a fascist? Hmm, must be the inaccessibility to quality education that causes these “brain farts” amongst you idiots calling for gun control.

As another aside, remember when Chuck Heston stood up at a Time-Warner stockholders meeting and expressed his disgust with the company’s supporting Body Count’s song “Cop Killer”? Did Chuck call for government intervention against rock and roll? No! He was letting his money do the talking – he went up against an “evil corporation.” On the other hand, Tipper Gore – who may soon occupy the White House – took on the role of Inquisitor General and brought down Government Censorship of rock and roll records! Maybe I should run a game show called “Name the Fascist,” and have some more reality checks…

Ever hear of the V-Chip? That’s the computer in your TV set that’s supposed to screen-out television violence. Guess who was a major proponent of forcing it on us all? Answer: Senator Joe Lieberman.

Want to know something? There are a lot of “inner city” families – now, what that means, I do not know; I live in the “inner city.” I guess it means “blacks and Latinos” but for all intents and purposes it could mean “Sharks and Jets.” There are a lot of law-abiding (read “most” – just like all Americans) Sharks and Jets who own handguns for their own protection. The local cops cannot respond in a timely manner, and nine times out of ten get to the scene of a crime after it has occurred (source: common sense, newspaper reports, etc.). If someone breaks into your house and threatens your family, what do you do? Answer: terminate with extreme prejudice. End of story. Your family, hard-earned property and well-being and all the rest are at stake and no normal American should ever think he or she is supposed to simply stand by, in terror, while the perp has his way with you, your family, and your property. Uninvited “guests” need to be escorted into the next life ASAP, and what better way than with a fully empowered individual citizen?

Well, when guns are banned, who’ll be the most easy target? Obvious, a blind man could see it: inner city families. Simply cordon off areas, block-by-block and search every nook and cranny for guns. And while you’re at it, look for other things, too; like hate-filled rap or death metal albums, or Boy Scout uniforms, or Bibles[sigma] Who will speak up for the Jets and Sharks whose only crime is to protect themselves from imminent danger? No one.

The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms is an individual’s right. The people? Who? It is not a “collective” right and any court decisions to that effect are/were an affront to the liberty of American citizens. (Did you know that machine guns have been illegal to own, without a very hard-to-get license, since 1934? Even a million moms knew that one, not that it mattered[sigma] An assault weapon is a pocketknife.)

The facts have been there on full display, and the NAZIS like Senator Chuck Schumer are deliberately blind to them. Deliberately because their dream is an unarmed, helpless US “citizenry.” They are collectivists of the slimiest kind. You, the individual, are their object of hatred. Collectively you can be controlled, guided, “helped.” As you’re helpless, right? You can’t even be held responsible for your own decisions, right? Well, if you could, we wouldn’t have all these children on welfare, would we?

When those searches extend to the suburbs, who will scream? No one. It’s too late, screaming will be illegal – as it’s noise pollution – and you’ve exceeded your entropy allowance. Time to die at the hand of the mighty Green State.

Taxes, an issue fundamental to the framers of our country, will always be with us, they’ll go up and down. Health care, whatever that is, could make us a nation of hypochondriacs, like my grandmother. There’s nothing wrong with her, but visiting the doctor is her hobby. She’s a state-funded drug addict, but don’t tell her that. But, that’s health care. Look out for state-mandated exercise programs, they’re coming. And you want to know something, those who will support such programs.

The nastiest, meanest people alive are American liberals in charge of something. Ever worked for them? Ever been fired by one of them? It’s amazing how uncharacteristically mean they are. Whatever happened to being laid back? Sheesh. From these people, I learned – by watching and listening, not by receiving – about firing poor people who stole toilet paper, or paperclips… Ouch, now they are mean M-Fs; who pushed the button on Yugoslavia, anyway? You don’t think they’ll hesitate to pull an “Elian” on these soon-to-be helpless Jets and Sharks whose only “crime” is that they were rightfully defending what’s theirs? Is Jainism to be the National Religion? Who called for the V-chip? Who hates rock and roll?

Are you people going to sit back – while you can – and trade in your right to be an individual, or what?

The real issue at stake in this election is individual liberty. Which means if you fuck up, you pay for it. Cold as that might be, that’s the way this country is supposed to work. If you remain careful, sober, and honest, and all those other things that characterize a decent, smart US Citizen (including having and keeping good friends), you might make it in this world. But now, at least with the hyper-idiotic media we have, it seems that there are too many people who didn’t get the message in the 1970s or 1980s, or now, the 1990s, so they need help. And the best way to give people the help they need is at the toe of the Village’s jackboot. A boot you won’t be able to shoot a hole through, as you willingly let the Village squeeze your last bit of freedom out of us.

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