Political Links

Political Links

Wonder what states get most of your hard-earned money? Check out the Consolidated Federal Funds Report.


Does the FBI have a file on you? Find out at the Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room.


Find out what funny stuff the NSA and cronies have been up to at the National Security archive.


Fed up (as well you should be) with two-party politics as usual? Check out Libertarian Harry Browne.


Do you really know what is in the most important document in American history? I thought not. Go read the Constitution, why don’t ‘cha?


All politicians are weird, but some more than others. Check out weird politics here.


Read some of these dumb laws and see if you rest easy in the cradle of democracy again…


Don’t worry, Big Brother will protect you — you won’t need a gun in New York…


One man one vote, huh? Think again. The powers that be might not want you to exercise your rights. Find out what to do about it at Ballot Access News.


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