Automatic 7

Automatic 7

Beggar’s Life


This thoughtful album from Automatic 7 fits into the same category as bands like Saves The Day and A New Found Glory. No gimmicks and no tricks for this band, just honest music about stardom, the downside of life, and drugs. Vocalist John Hulett has sort of a raspy voice that sounds mid-’90s to me, and the band is pretty tight. Highlights on the album include “Last Train to Hitsville,” where Hulett sings, “White man redemption/ When you coming round?/ Just give me some of that three chord sound.” “Bow Down” is slightly more upbeat and has some neat effects with the guitars. All the songs don’t sound the same, and I really appreciate that about Automatic 7. The sound ranges from the moody “Broken Record” to the faster punk of “’98.” I would like to see this band live. It seems to me as if they have been through a lot and deserve recognition for their talent.

Vagrant, PMB 361, 2118 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403;

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