Big Ass Truck

Big Ass Truck

Who Let You In Here?


This is a reissue of Big Ass Truck’s 1998 release (originally on Peacock Records). Despite the two year time lag, Who Let You In Here still sounds years ahead of its time, a futuristic mix of New Funk (think Galactic) and turntablism (think…. er, I can’t think of anything similar). Like Galactic, Medeski Martin and Wood, and other modern masters of their instruments, the band meshes so tightly it’s difficult to imagine what is missing or superfluous about the songs. Big Ass Truck easily proves itself in a range of styles and moods, from the soulful “Hands of a Working Man” to the heavy heavy “The Neco” to the jolly rolling “3X Over.” Throughout the entire record, Colin Butler mixes in scratching, beats and samples with the expertise of a five-star chef, always spicing but never overpowering the stew. Not that the others are any slouches — each has their moment in the sun at one point or another on this album, and there is never a wasted note or rest. You missed it the first time around, don’t let the Truck pass you by a second time.

Terminus Records, 981 Ashby Street, Suite 102, Atlanta, GA 30318;

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