Some bands ROck while other bands roCK, but Bound clearly want to ROCK!!! Time to fly that freak flag high, get the kegger ragin’ and bang your head, because these guys came here to party! And while this album is not entirely bad, it is derivative of a certain sound and singing style that rose to prominence with Pearl Jam and is perpetuated by Creed. A kind of bellowing instead of singing, married to thunderous guitar riffs. However, I must say that while the music and singing is average, the lyrics are AWFUL. When you write lyrics this bad, it is best not to print them and go with sepia- toned pictures of naked chicks or something. Consider the second track: “A tear falls from my eye/As I break down and cry/I ask myself why oh why can’t I die/And if God is a dream/And if a dream is reality/And if reality is gone, then so am I/

But once you get past the incoherent lyrics (and come on, we all know ROCK isn’t about coherency) you can get down to business. The business of rocking out!

Bound, 2691 Village Lane, Oshkosh, WI 54904;

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