Candy Ass

Candy Ass



Existing in the netherworld between punk and metal, Candy Ass picks up some of the edge that bands like L7 seem to have misplaced. Just oozing bad girl energy, these girls rock without apology. “Bullets Bounce Off” is a bit too obviously inspired by early L7, but is still a dead solid song with hooks you can’t ignore or get out of your head. “Queen of the Crazies” just begs to be heard in a packed club with the audience singing along. Any song with lyrics like “Think I’d like to slit my wrist/Spend my life on a morphine drip!” can’t help but rock. Galadriel, Sian, and Hopey Rock sound as good as they look, and ooooh, they look so fine.

RAFR Records, 11054 Ventura Blvd., Suite 205, Studio City, CA 91604;

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