Cave In

Cave In


Hydra Head

This is the future of ’70s arena rock, Heavy Metal now. Cheap Trick as filtered through the hearts and minds of twenty-one-year-old emo kids who have matured past the straight and narrow confines of hardcore metal kicks. Throw in dynamic spaciousness bringing to mind a strange breeding of Radiohead and Queen. These songs are big, and these kids pull it off perfectly. It’s inspiring and mind bending. Passion and power and honesty in the growl and the glide of the vocals. The keyboards lending a bit of outer space, while the rhythm section creates earthquakes and volcanoes to balance the whirlwind of guitar. That ride drive non-stop guitar strangle that pulls out into a straight line and ties you into knots. There is a future.

Hydra Head Records, P.O. Box 990248, Boston, MA 02199;

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