Behind The Sun


Chicane (aka Nick Bracegirdle) is a producer from the UK who makes incredibly non-original electronic music. Behind The Sun is his second album, and has all the requirements to pigeonhole itself nicely and be forgotten about (hopefully sooner than later). There’s the long ambient “beautiful intro” ironically entitled “Overture,” and of course, there’s “No Ordinary Morning,” the token female vocal driven “trip-hop” track. “Saltwater,” “Andromeda,” and “Halcyon” are progressive house songs that sound like every other cookie-cutter progressive house song to be released in the past year (they are not bad by any means, just unoriginal.) Chicane truly outdoes himself though, when he enlists the help of veteran bore-rocker Bryan Adams to do vocals on “Don’t Give Up,” a progressive house abomination that accomplishes little more than an increasing dislike for both Chicane and Mr. Adams. Undoubtedly though, this album will sell zillions of copies, while incredible talent in the field of electronic music will continue to toil in obscurity — go figure.

Columbia Records, 550 Madison Ave., 26th Floor, New York, NY 10022-3211

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