Chicks On Speed

Chicks On Speed

Will Save Us All

Chicks On Speed/EFA

Girls, girls, girls. I leave you alone for a week in the villa, and what do I return to? My Kraftwerk albums in disarray, the vintage synths are patched together like a plate of dropped spaghetti, and the cat is nowhere to be found. Is my welcome-back gift this tangled mess of sample files, or the astoundingly impromptu cover of the B-52s’ “Give Me Back My Man”? And the Normal’s “Warm Leatherette”? There’s nail polish and glittery stickers all over the four-track! Oh, come now. That was a new carpet. Did you have the Eurotrash from next door over? Did you? Were you dancing all night?

Oh, okay. I forgive you. Play that tape you made again.

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