Communication: Duration


Kinda new wavy rock creeping out of this five song release. The music pushes ahead in a slightly Get Up Kids/Anniversary style, all keyboard dance groove with emo-edged guitar work curling around the edges. The vocals keep it from falling too close to that genre, though. Down low and more mature sounding, singing the songs to a more laid back internal beat. The hooks are good, and there’s a nice pop in the ’80s rock repetition. You can kind of kick back and let the music propel you through the weekends of your life while the vocals keep it all in control. You can feel the anguish in the last song, and you can still feel the energy when they bring it sown low. No surprises, but some very cool routes taken, twists and turns, to reach the right conclusion.

Urinine Records, 6808 Madison Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46227; http://www.urinine.com

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