dead Voices on Air

dead Voices on Air

the happy submarines, playing the music of


Now anyone that has followed the history of Mark Spybey with dVOA knows that he started with “humble roots.” It was still very beautiful music, just different for your average listener. Well I have a feeling that his interaction with Kevin, during his days with Download, has matured into a fairly solid relationship with the Legendary Pink Dots. It’s amazing music, really. Spybey, staying true to all that I’ve come to associate as dVOA, has presented a finely oiled machine for our ears. “Bored Of Canada” seems to encompass such emotion that I feel the low-end “drudgery” of being trapped anywhere, but at least I have the soundtrack. Not surprising, since the credits imply that it was recorded during Spybey’s tour with James Plotkin a while back. It’s beautiful, and though it is not important, I am finally at peace with the direction that Spybey has taken. It’s going to be a very long time before I can stop listening to this on a daily basis.

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