Initially reminding me of Garbage (yeah… the band), Eleven mix that synth thing with beautiful male/female harmonies, and guitar that picks its way between the lines. It’s mellower and darker in parts than Garbage, but still has that alternative edge. Some nice David Bowie-like dramatics. Both melodramatic and over dramatic, the songs keep a consistent feel to them, some moving more towards that early Smashing Pumpkins guitar sound, still with the Bowie touched vocals, and other tunes tripping into electronic heavy grooves. Psychedelic techno rock for alternative goths? They get that big “here comes an anthem” feel sometimes… the vocals swelling and pleading to the heavens, the guitar growing in thickness and the keys raising and rising until the whole song threatens to push you out the window.

Universal Recods, 1755 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10019

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