Sin Klub

A dark carnival Evolotto’s 1776 is, but not the hokey, ICP-ish variety the rustbelt is commonly know for (the trio hails from Toledo, Ohio). Truly a twisted, inexplicable debut, 1776 is a mish-mashed amalgam of Voivoid-ian cyber-metal, Meshuggah mathematics, Hammerhead’s fuzz-bass mental vortex, and Helmeted urban-groove. And you know what? It actually works, however discomfiting it may be. Like a patchwork quilt knit by a serial killer, Evolotto’s aesthetic charts all sorts of damaged-synapse descents into the unknown, from bristling stutter-funk to bare-knuckled barrages of chugga-chugga skronk to effects-aided slashes of wounded melody to even uncomfortably calm explorations of submerged textures; really, the sum effect is something not unlike System of a Down on even-worse drugs. Adventurous minds only need apply.

Sin Klub, P.O. Box 2507, Toledo, OH 43606; http://www.sinklub.com

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