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False Face Society

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Sin Klub

Environmetal. No; that’s not a typo. This slow tempo metal band sings their apologies for the white man to a deer in the woods (“Ladders To Fire?”). “I apologize for my brothers/ I am a humble white man, you see.” They sing various laments for dead trees, and even promote a little anarchy here and there. Their punk tinge really comes out at the end of “Act Metal” and “Non-Cents,” which sounds like Pennywise playing metal. They even break out the piano for “About Listening.” The hidden track is some sort of chant made up of strange sounds that don’t sound like any language I’ve ever heard. This album would be perfect for a punk hippie turned metal-head.

Sin Klub, P.O. Box 2507, Toledo, OH 43606; http://www.sinklub.com

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