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As always, Fifteen has put out an album full of political motivations. Appropriately released during an election year, this EP is made up of three catchy songs characteristic of the band. “Survivor,” an upbeat message to victims of sexual and physical abuse, contains a remake of the chorus from ’til tuesday’s “Voices Carry.” The third song, “MRR,” is a critique of… you guessed it… Maximum Rock & Roll. Judging from the lyrics, Fifteen isn’t a big fan of the magazine.

If you haven’t heard Fifteen before, they’re worth a listen. They play pop punk with very unique vocals courtesy of Jeff Ott. If you don’t like the EP after you buy it, you can just consider it a donation, since part of the proceeds go to benefit the Purple Berets, a group dedicated to “fighting to end violence against women, sexual harassment and discrimination” The CD insert also includes information on the Purple Berets and what they’ve done. Fifteen always seems to produce informative, high quality products, and this collection is no exception.

Hopeless Records, P.O. Box 7495, Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495;

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