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These 5 Down

These 5 Down


If Korn and Fear Factory had a child, and the Deftones were the kid’s uncle, and the kid went to church every Sunday, it would be this CD. Confusing? It’s not, really. The singer sounds like the guy from Korn, and the album is filled with brooding bass lines, heavier than heavy guitar, and some good rhyming punctuated with the occasional screaming. It’s cool to hear some really thoughtful lyrics that are about real things and are easy to relate to. I liked the last track, “Get It Back,” because they scream. “Hymn” is a different kind of praise song than you hear on other Christian albums. Musically, the band isn’t especially innovative, but they’re pretty solid. I’d like to see them develop their own style, because it’s obvious that the talent is there.

Absolute, 7107 Crossroads Blvd, Suite 105, Brentwood, TN 37027

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