Girl Eats Boy

Girl Eats Boy

Thrilled By Velocity & Distortion


What has happened? What is this? Sexy Beat as the “true” label behind it? Sexy Beat is the “dance wing” of Invisible Records. That, however tacky as it may sound, is not far from the truth. Has Invisible Records ever allowed “musical crap” to filter into the world? Not to my personal taste and knowledge, no. Girl Eats Boy, to quote a drummer I tested tracks on, “is phat.” He’s right. I watched him go for at least three or four tracks, playing drums to assorted tracks. The music has a nice vibe to it. I can’t help but feel like I want to party, and this isn’t a small gathering of friends kind of party. Lots of people from all over the world, swinging their hips and bouncing their heads like there was no tomorrow. Already I’ve been asked for copies from some friends, so I’m trying to send them towards the right places to pick it up. Surely you have a place in your heart for some Sexy Beats, right? The world needs more Sexy Beats with Girl Eats Boy.

Invisible Records, P.O. Box 16008, Chicago, IL 60616;

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