Steppin’ Off to Eden

Fueled Up

This doesn’t sound like any Eden I’ve ever heard of. This album pretty much sounds like your stereotypical slow tempo Satanic metal. You’ve got your heavily distorted guitar intermittently divided by wailing guitar solos. My personal favorites are the calm, quiet acoustic instrumental, appropriately named “Picking Apples,” and the piano instrumental, “Reposado.” Most songs are between four and seven minutes long, so if you like them, there’s plenty to be had. Naturally, the ones I like are only a minute or two long, so if you metal-heads are worried about the sissy factor involved in quiet instrumental tracks, you can rest easy; the quiet tracks are the shortest. No matter what your musical preference, I think everyone would agree that Herbert’s use of a Hammond b-3 Organ in “Devils Garden” is a nice touch. It still doesn’t sound like Eden though.

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