Jesse James Dupree

Jesse James Dupree

Foot Fetish


In a surprising change from his previous band Jackal, Jesse James Dupree’s solo release Foot Fetish reminds the listener of a pleasant afternoon spent enjoying the sounds of Belle and Sebastian or the Sundays. Light, introspective pop with subtle tinklings of guitar, feather soft vocals…

Nah, I can’t do it. Might get my ass kicked.

The man who ruled with a gravel voice and a revved up chainsaw is back, and subtle is the last freakin’ word that would be applied to this record. Loud, crude and only marginally sane, yeah. Introspective? Well, I’m sure Dupree is in touch with his inner child — who is seemingly a snarling, Ritalin-deprived trash mouth with time to kill and a sugar buzz. If you liked Jackal, then this record will do ya right, but if think that long-hair flippin’, leather pants rippin’ rock and roll is way past its prime, this record isn’t going to change your mind. It’s 12 cuts of guitar fury that includes a pretty good version of Sly Stone’s “(I Wanna Take You) Higher,” and Dupree has assembled some pretty good players to slash and burn with, including Joey Huffman on keys, late of the Georgia Satellites and Matchbox 20, and John Hayes on guitar. If you mourn the day Bon Scott died, or still listen to Judas Priest even though Rob Halford is, you know, “special,” then Jesse James Dupree wants to talk to you about life. And foot fetishes.

V2 Records, 14 East 4th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10012;

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