Kid 606

Kid 606

Down With the Scene


Kid 606, originally from Venezuela (now in San Diego), is a self described “electronic madman who slices through genres like a rusty knife.” His sound is highly electronic, and experimental — with an element of ear-splitting noise veering through his own renditions of jungle, hardcore, house, soul, funk, punk, electro, ambient, IDM and everything-else-but-the-kitchen-sink.

Down With the Scene is certainly not an easy listen, by any means. Most of the songs on here just don’t make any musical sense — not that it’s necessarily a bad thing. Songs like “Luke Vibert Can Kiss My Indie-Punk Whiteboy Ass” sonically pound your senses with chopped up jungle breaks, and more than enough white noise — followed by a sample of the ever popular “I’m Black Y’all” by MC Gusto (Chris Rock) from CB4. Tracks like “GQ on the EQ,” “Ruin It, Ruin Them, Ruin Yrself Then Ruin Me,” and “Dame Nature” continually re-invent themselves throughout the course of the song, while maintaining a very experimental and abstract edge. “My Kitten” is really the standout track of the album — it’s a warped and bleepy romp through chopped, nervous beats and cut off synths.

Kid 606 certainly succeeds in his quest to “de-intellectualize” electronic music. The music contained on Down With the Scene is sonically fascinating, yet brain-numbing at the same time. Recommended in small doses.

Ipecac Recordings, PO Box 1197, Alameda, CA 94501,

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