Yesterday and Tomorrow’s Shells

Tiger Style

Ash Bowie, former Polvo man and sometimes Helium collaborator, takes on the realm of the solo album under this new name. If you’re familiar with Polvo, you sort of know where this is going, but if you aren’t… this CD is a real adventure. Starting out with some discordant noise pop that brings to mind Demolition Plot-era Pavement chaos, the CD moves through what could be the new art rock. Creepy druid enhanced whisperings of a psychedelic nature, as Floydian as you wanna be. The delicacies of Polvo twisted through the distortion of pre-Daydream Nation Sonic Youth. References fall out of my head. I apologize… it’s the Middle Eastern indie groove that wraps around my throat and captures me. This man is a snake charmer. It’s hypnotic and chaotic melodic dissonance. It’s heartfelt and hurting. It’s rock and pop and everything that those are not. It’s music in constant motion.

Tiger Style, 149 Wooster St., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10012;

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