We Will Destroy You EP

Art Monk Construction

Mancake: part man, part pancake. Their reputation has definitely preceded them in the form of tales of towering stilt-wearing vocalists swinging a microphone strapped to an axe. From what I heard, they destroyed the Sarasota fest a few years back, and I’ve been eagerly waiting to hear something else about them since. This EP lives up to the anticipation. You can hear that there is a Frodus link in there somewhere, but Mancake’s disposition is much more mean-spirited and dark. What else would you expect from a breakfast hybrid bent on conquest? Milk and cookies?! Well, syrup, perhaps… Instead there are interesting guitar lines that are gonna call down the D.C. tag again amidst strained vocals and group backups. This is the sound of breakfast warfare in a frontier town with lousy service. Seconds, damnit.

Art Monk Construction, P.O. Box 6332, Falls Church, VA 22040;

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